X4 H502S FPV Desire

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  • FPV Camera
  • Record HD Videos or Take Still Photos
  • Headless Mode
  • GPS Equipped
  • Altitude Hold Mode
  • Return Home with Failsafe
  • Follow me function

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what's in the box

  • 1 x Hubsan X4 H502S Quadcopter

  • 1 x 2.4 GHz transmitter with FPV LCD Screen

  • 1 x Micro USB Cable

  • 8 x Rotating Blades

  • 8 x Self-locking blade screws

  • 1 x Screwdriver

  • 1 x Instruction Manual

technical specifications

  • FPV: Yes

  • GPS: Yes

  • Return to home: Yes

  • Charging Method: USB

  • Media Type: Micro SD Card

  • Frequency: 2.4GHz

  • Number of Channels: 4 Channels

  • Default Mode: Mode 2

  • Supported Modes: 1 & 2

  • Controller Battery: 4 x AA (not Included)

  • Flight Time: 12-13mins

  • Charge Time: 40 Mins

  • Max Distance: 200m

  • Control System: 6 Axis

  • Motor Type: x4 Coreless Motor

  • Illumination: 4 LED Indicators

  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 6.5 x 2.6"

  • Weight: 5.18oz

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Amazing cheap Gps Quadcopter
Review by Werner (Posted on 7/18/2016)
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Fun to fly mabe longer flight time mabe more distance but it's a some to fly
It's nice and strong
Review by M dogaaaa (Posted on 8/14/2016)
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Very nice and easy to fly. Only complaint is the process to arm and disarm blades is finicky and takes too long. Have to move sticks to opposite lower positions. Seems like there could be a better method, like pressing two buttons simultaneously or something else with immediate action.
Review by Mr Houdini (Posted on 9/5/2016)
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Hubsan 502S - a fun FPV for and a great entry point for drones
I also have a DJI Phantom 2 and a Eachine Racer250. Th Hubsan 502S is a good entry point for FPV and a decent camera.
Follow me mode is a little erratic but functional. The display is great but could use a shield in sunlight.

I have not had any issues with the brushed motors. I have ordered spare batteries, props and two motors just in case.

The instructions for the SD-mini are not clear, needs to be 16 GB or less - format in a PC first.

Bottom line is this is a great drone for starting out that will also be fun a year from now. The video receiver is standard race band and you can also use a FPV goggle/headset. I think there could also be a number of paths to upgrade the video range, etc.
Building skills here translates well to bigger drones and if you really crash it the replacement cost is close to the cost of just a DJI battery.

Review by Eric P (Posted on 9/23/2016)
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Best first gps quad
The capabilities of this quadcopter is amazing for the price and it's size! It fights the wind amazingly. GPS hold works like a charm along with fpv. The 720p camera takes better video than you think. Not so good with direct Sun but for the price it's very good.
Review by bbbsome1 (Posted on 9/8/2016)
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Great product but no support
The copter is fantastic.. It flies well holds position with GPS very well. The only cons is the companys support. Mine had a motor go bad on the second flight. I contacted Tekstra and they said there is no warranty for defective products ( and I think a motor that fails on the second flight is defective ). I had to replace the motor at my expense. To be fair they told me there was no warranty after I ordered the replacement. BTW Hubsan on their main site does offer warranty.
Now it flies well , does just what it supposed to do. It is great product if you are aware that no one is supporting it.
Review by ntnplayer (Posted on 9/8/2016)
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Worked good for the 1st week then a motor went bad. Been waiting for 2 weeks for motors that are back ordered.
Review by flhtc97 (Posted on 9/9/2016)
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Great deal !
OUTSTANDING ! For a smaller sized quad, this thing is very nice. Good power to fight a slight wind, GPS locks in my area very quickly obtaining a full 12 sats. on the drone while the TX only typically locks in 8 - 9 sats., plenty for reliable fearless GPS flying. Screen quality on the transmitter is very good, holding up while against the sunlight. The TX does eat the AA batteries rather quickly, upgraded to a set of Eneloop rechargeable batteries which work VERY well. Quad battery is a bit small, only achieving 5-6 minutes of flight time before low power, especially if it is having to fight any breeze. Quad holds position extremely well in GPS flight, follow me function is pretty fun and maintains orientation. Do wish the quad a bit more height to keep blades from contacting grass when launching/landing, ANY contact at all with blades and they stop spinning under power, probably a good thing. (Fingers !) Overall very happy and wish I could get my hands on its' bigger brother, the 501S. Too cool. Excellent product again from Hubsan.
Review by Potis2 (Posted on 9/19/2016)
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Its the Best! Get Yours Soon!
This is the BEST beginner Quadcopter on the market! I have been flying quads for 6 years now and this one is performs better than the first four years worth of quads I built. the Altitude hold and GPS work extremely well for a .55 pound craft. The video @720 p is excellent also and the stability is exceptional on a calm day.
I would and have recommended this quad to my friends, family, accomplished pilots and newbies and to more than one stranger in the park where I fly, who were blown away by suck a "Cool" aircraft.
Review by ColoradoBob (Posted on 9/8/2016)
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Great beginner's quad
The Hubsan X4 502S FPV a beautifully crafted quad and the included 2.4 GHz transmitter with FPV Color LCD Screen (although power hungry) is exceptional value. As a novice hobbyist to sUAVs, I consider the X4 502S a fine beginner's quadcopter and an excellent intro to quads, in general, and FPV, as well. Experience gained with the X4 502S Desire should transition well to the X4 501S model.
Review by CJ (Posted on 9/16/2016)
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Review by Steve (Posted on 11/25/2016)
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First thing, NO usb cable or AC adapter in the box I received as they should have been seeing they are listed as so. Bummed over that, one star down due to being screwed out of those items. Now then, the Desire is GREAT ! The GPS works very well as the altitude hold works well too. Quad is very quiet, has decent power and flis very well. Transmitter is smooth operating and controls the quad well. Screen is clear and bright enough except in direct sunlight. Battery life of quad has averaged 9 minutes over four flights. Wish that was a bigger battery. Good unit overall and big fun to use. Camera is decent for a fixed 720 p unit. Happy enough to say " Buy it" !
Review by Potis (Posted on 9/9/2016)
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I looked at a lot of drones before I purchased h502s. This drone has more fly time, and the distance is great for the price. Very impressed with customer service after the sale thank you
Review by Virg (Posted on 9/23/2016)
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Review by MICHEL (Posted on 9/20/2016)
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Good buy
Flys better than expected. The return home feature works great. My 7 year old grandson has no difficulty mastering the controls. The only feature I havent been able to get to work properly is the follow me feature .
Review by Chico (Posted on 12/21/2016)
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It was great until 1 motor stopped working, remember I just bought it and got 3 flights B$ KaBang
I got it and after trying quick start fly I found out you really need to read it. Once It ran I found 1 motor seemed to not spin up fast as the rest. I spun all of them and it had drag on it. After helping it spin up several times it started to go faster. I got 2 or 3 flights out of it before that motor just quit working. So it is a perfect beginner quad to learn with. It is not crazy expensive, it is an FPV that comes with just about everything you need. I bought 12 AA rechargeable batteries and a digital charger. I also bought a selection of replacement parts. In the end it was just a tad under $300 and I have everything to fly this thing four hours. Part the spae parts was 3 extar LIPO batteries.
Review by Miniestate (Posted on 11/15/2016)
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Desire is were it's at
For the price it awsome cause it does everthing
Review by Koldoff1313 (Posted on 11/24/2016)
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