How to switch camera modes?

Terry R Bryson
09-01-2017 02:43:53
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The manual describes two modes, but does not state HOW to switch between modes. Anyone know how?
09-01-2017 02:43:53

My instructions say nothing about 2 modes of recording, but it does describe if you want to have it on or off while you fly & whether you want to save or not. Just push the button next to the SDcard to record. Press again to save & just unplug the battery if you don't want to save it. That's it!

11-01-2017 22:48:10

It has two FLIGHT modes. Not two camera modes that I know of...

11-01-2017 22:53:25

Sorry for the late reply. On page 9, it states 480P (standard) and 720P (HD). Both have the exact same instructions on how to record and stop recording, but nothing on how to set the resolution. The box states there are two different resolutions also.

19-04-2017 03:25:38

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